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Thoughts On Data-Driven Creativity

We've been through a long time where data and creativity didn't even know each other, let alone talk and exchange views. With the advent of digital, data has begun to attract an increasing share of attention, as the new, promising trend in communication and marketing.

Soon the market was divided into camps, with communication agencies trying to preserve what they have acquired over time and performance agencies providing undeniable and tangible proof of effectiveness. In mature markets, unions between the two worlds have flourished in an effort to meet customers’ needs for a fully-featured 360° support without necessarily living a blooming life since their roles, language, tools and values are different.

In the meantime, the available channels and opportunities for communication have increased, the internet and smartphones have multiplied the available time and the frequency with which brands can place their products and services in front of their audience, resulting very fast from the selective communication of the above the line to the tsunami of timelines.

What did you say? Creativity? No one can afford to invest in it!

Technology has responded by developing Marketing Automation platforms and Personalization tools, while Social Media and Advertising platforms have incorporated even better targeting in an effort to effectively filter out what reaches the eyes and ears of audiences while simultaneously collecting and processing data from their choices and preferences, so they can fewer but as targeted and effective messages as possible.

Finally, there is room and time for creativity!

It is no coincidence that 2019 was the first year we were able to convince our clients to reduce the number of online activities, in return for more targeted and creative formats based on the data we now know about their audience, delivering what we have been preaching: Data-Driven Creativity!

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* First published on DAILYFAX.