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digital marketing

How does a digital marketing project run in Wedia?

At Wedia, we take pride in the way we approach projects and the way our practices are developed. Because no two projects are alike, our thoroughly planned-out process is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of every business. We listen to your brand’s needs and what you wish to achieve.

Running a Digital Marketing project

Once the brand’s objectives are clarified, we begin by analysing the brand itself, the industry it is part of and we even take a close look at the competitors and their digital presence. Our professionals work together to come up with a detailed strategy that will deliver results. We define the social media channels your brand needs to be present on, we create the digital assets of the campaign (including images, videos, animated GIFs) and we come up with the copy so that your brand has a voice that resonates with its audience.

When the campaigns we have created are launched and your brand is active on Social Media, we tend to its Social Media presence (planning and posting) and engage with your brand’s audience. We follow a project’s performance closely by monitoring and measuring the brand’s presence on Social media and reporting on the results we track. By adjusting the strategy when necessary we maintain flexibility and adaptability for your brand as we strive for better results.

The range of our services include:

Social Media Marketing, building and executing Social Media Marketing Campaigns that will make your brand stand out, deliver results and achieve the goals you have set for your business.

Email Marketing with customised designs and automated processes so that your brand’s emails are unique, interesting and successful.

Online Advertising with both Search and Display Ads which we build, we test and tweak accordingly for better results.

Inbound Marketing by integrating a number of approaches and techniques to orchestrate successful and uninterrupted communication with users so as to turn them into customers.


With such a wide range of services, an excellent team of experts and profound knowledge we leave nothing to chance. We study, research and strategise every project so that each campaign delivers results. We work closely with the client and tend to the project’s needs until its completion.

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