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Marketing Automation: What does it offer to a B2B company?

Marketing Automation: What does it offer to a B2B company?

The term ‘Marketing Automation’ was invented in 2008 and since then it has managed to acquire 62% of search rates! But how did the automation of digital marketing actions become one of the most popular B2B terms? Is it worth for your company to invest in this kind of software? And if so, what does it offer you?

What is Marketing Automation?

The term refers to a group of online applications that allow the automation of your digital marketing actions and gather, in one place, all the tools you need to attract visitors to your site and convert them into leads (people with potential to become your clients).

What are the possibilities offered by Marketing Automation?

Using such a platform - which is not limited to those possibilities- is ideal for the B2B Marketing of a company, since one of the main objectives is to build relationships and facilitate online communication with clients, potential and existing, and also with those expressing an interest in its products and services- also known as Lead Generation.

B2B companies that have already adopted or are considering to integrate Inbound Marketing practices, can only benefit from a specialized platform like HubSpot, the no1 Inbound Marketing Automation platform in the world.
The integrated tools offered by HubSpot allow you to:
  • Increase the number of your website visitors by optimizing your SEO actions and utilizing your corporate presence in various Social Media channels, as well as taking advantage of your corporate blog.
  • Design and implement effective Landing pages and Calls-To-Action (CTAs) and embed forms in which visitors can submit their personal information.
  • Automate your email marketing strategy.
  • Provide answers to important questions concerning the effectiveness of any digital marketing action, in order to readjust your tactics and follow the most efficient direction.

Is it worth it to invest in a Marketing Automation platform?

You may think that the cost of such an investment is really high. But, you should keep in mind that, in this case, the cost is relevant as it depends entirely on the benefits you will enjoy, after estimating the Life Time Value of the client you earned through this strategy.

Moreover, it is a mistake to invest in a Marketing Automation software believing it will do all the work by itself and you will be able to see great results within a week. To grasp all its features you have to spend time in learning how to use correctly the tools it provides you and then adjust them to the needs and goals of your business.

Or you can choose the right Inbound Marketing Agency to help you achieve your goals. How about wedia? :-)

To sum up, research conducted regarding the return on investment (ROI) of Marketing Automation, demonstrates that it is not just another digital trend but is can actually help you increase your sales. Need more proof? A recent MIT research showed that 72% of HubSpot’s clients saw their sales grow in just one year!