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wedia’s participation in very important European research programs

wedia’s participates in European research programs

From day one, in wedia, our main objective is the ongoing utilisation of available technologies and practices in all areas of digital communication and technology.

A goal that we serve each day by developing complex and demanding systems which give an opportunity for media to have access to millions of readers, to companies which use the Internet so as to discover their next clients and to organisations to provide their services through online channels.

At the same time we try to monitor developments in the areas we operate, to expand our expertise and to not hesitate to try new methods, tools and methodologies. So, we started our collaboration with HubSpot in the field of Marketing Automation. We integrate modern, agile methodologies in project implementation, but also participate in European research projects in crucial matters in collaboration with major international companies.

Over the last few months we participated in two very important European research projects within in the framework of H2020 program of the European Union, aiming at the co- operation with international groups working on researches of global interest and the acquisition of know-how that we can apply in our projects.

The first one is entitled ReCRED: From Real-world Identities to Privacy-preserving and Attribute-based CREDentials for Device-centric Access Control. The project’s goal is to reduce the role of the mobile phone in a consolidated and authorised intermediary instrument that will identify the user with biometric data or user’s behavior, giving him/her access to electronic services to which he/she is registered, without having to use different credentials.

The second one is entitled TYPES: Towards transparency and Privacy in the online advertising business. The project comes to deal with the increasing distortion of digital ads’ operation which, by ignoring important issues of transparency and privacy, jeopardies an economy of high turnover and number of jobs. The project TYPES hopes to present solutions that protect users’ privacy, while at the same time empower them to control how their information is used by service providers for promotional purpose.


Among others in these projects participate major companies with international presence such as TELEFONICA Spain, NEC United Kingdom, VERIZON Netherlands etc.

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