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Wedia B2B Growth Suite

Wedia B2B Digital Growth Suite

A new, integrated solution that combines Wedia's 12 years of experience with Hubspot, the globally recognized Digital Marketing platform, effectively supports the development of B2B businesses through digital channels.

B2B Digital Marketing

We usually define B2B companies the organizations that provide services and products to other companies or organizations. Additionaly in several cases, the sale transaction might  involve products or services of great value, addressed to individuals with extensive needs in term of information gathering, training and follow-up, before the final decision is made.

The promotion and sales of these businesses are based on finding potential customers, presenting and informing about the offered solutions through a series of physical meetings or remote calls and are finalized in medium or long-term sales cycles.

Digital Marketing now plays a very important role in the entire marketing and sales process, a role that has been significantly strengthened after the Covid-19 pandemic. A website that presents the company, products and services, Social Media presence accompanying with the execution of promotional actions through advertising, sending newsletters or optimization for search engines, are essential components of every Marketing Plan.

Inefficient Implementations

However, usually all of these are implemented disorganized, fragmented, disconnected and most of the time executed by different teams and agencies trying to communicate, get along, exchange ideas and data. The result is that valuable resources of time, knowledge and money are wasted, with disappointing results.

It is not uncommon to be called upon to run advertising campaigns that drive the visitors we generously paid to target and acquire, to company websites that are poorly designed and implemented, do not provide the needed information, do not answer their visitors' questions, do not load quickly, don't work well on mobile devices, and don't convert visitors into qualified leads.

Similarly, many times we have been asked to design and implement a corporate website, where we apply all the best practices we preach, we create truly remarkable state of the art online properties, ready to welcome their visitors, to convey the messages they need, perfect from any technique point of view and incorporating all lead generation mechanisms.

But unfortunately, after its completion and launch , owners don't run any promotion campaign, don't communicate the website on social media and search engines, waiting for their visitors to discover it on their own. Which of course never happens.

Or alternatively, all the promotion of the website is done by a different team either internally or from another agency, who unfortunately do not share the same strategy and promotion tactics, do not take advantage of the website and do not set up a complete funnel for the entire user journey.


A new integrated model from Wedia

Wedia's new proposal comes to fill the void of inefficient implementations, with an approach that treats all the components of a Digital Marketing Plan as absolutely necessary and fully interconnected and is implemented in 2 distinct phases, Setup and Growth.

The B2B Digital Growth Suite includes the initial design and implementation of the necessary online properties that a B2B business must have.

First, a properly designed website that will host all the necessary information that a prospective customer will need about the company, its executives, products and services, but also the way of working together and also successful case studies that increase credibility.

The website will be implemented using modules from the HubSpot CMS Library, a comprehensive library developed by HubSpot that covers all the needs of a modern website.

The modules compose integrated pages with Drag and Drop functionality based on the sitemap that will be designed by Wedia's UX Design teams, while at the same time Wedia's UI Design team will produce a Design System, applying primary and secondary colors, fonts and visuals corporate identity details.

The website will be fully connected to HubSpot CRM, which will be customized based on the needs of managing and storing data and actions related to the company's prospective customers. An all-powerful segmentation system with dynamic filters will create a set of targeted lists that will then be leveraged by promotional campaigns.

Then, depending on the needs of the business, the appropriate Social Media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) will be created and configured, while Lookalike Audiences will be created based on demographics, interests and online behavior.

Growth Phase

After the creation and configuration of the website and Social Media is completed, the next step is the development and execution of promotional actions, utilizing all available channels and tactics: Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing.

The B2B Digital Growth Suite covers both of the main communication needs of a business:

  • the strengthening of Brand Awareness through a corporate communication campaign, promoting corporate vision, partnerships, executives, corporate news and press releases, jobs, awards and recognition,
  • and purely Sales Campaigns where specific products and services are promoted to specific audiences through sales messages that highlight value, effectiveness that aims to Lead Generation, attracting prospective customers who will fill in their details to gain access to content of high interest and value, to start a process of automated nurturing and updating.

The Growth Phase includes the execution of campaigns on an annual basis with continuous monitoring, optimization and reporting always according to the goals agreed upon at the start of their execution.

Periodically, creatives and messages are refreshed, new audiences and targets are added, and additional campaigns are created depending on the effectiveness and speed of attracting potential customers we want to achieve.

Which businesses should embrace Wedia B2B Digital Growth Suite?

The B2B Digital Growth Suite is aimed at all businesses that want to leverage Digital Marketing to increase their awareness of their target audiences and attract prospective customers for promotion to sales departments.

If you promote physical services and products, or digital services and products (SaaS) in Greece or abroad and you want:

  • a complete solution from a single partner
  • ensuring quick implementation
  • delivering high quality assets in term of aesthetics and results
  • by exploiting all available communication channels
  • with measurable results through transparent processes

you should definitely see the solution we offer.

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