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"Sale" abroad…with the help of Inbound Marketing

Selling abroad with the help of Inbound Marketing

In times of crisis like the one we’ve been through, it makes sense for a Greek entrepreneur to put in mind the idea that he needs to intensify the efforts for his company’s extroversion and appeal in foreign markets.

Of course the identity of each company and its products, brands or the services it provides, differentiate significantly the strategy and tactics that should be followed, aiming either at business customers (B2B) or to the final consumer (B2C).

The channels that can meet in practice are the digital ones, as they are the only comprehensive, economical and effective platform of promotion, communication, education, selling and support with immediate global access and 24 X 7 function.

It all starts with your well designed, well built and friendly to search engines website or e-shop. The e-shop will be the final destination of all efforts to attract visitors, aiming ideally to make them customers, whether it is through an ad campaign on Facebook or Google, SEO or Social Media Marketing actions.

The conversion process of visitors to customers doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of careful planning and creating exploration “paths” that the visitor should follow discovering more and more about the company, the products or your services, so as to reach ideally to the data collection that will lead to the next steps of digital marketing.

Within these steps, the targeted email newsletters campaign should be icluded. In this case the recipients “are invited” to your site to discover even more about what you have to offer to them, through the publication of useful content that will mainly provide them with non hard-selling, useful information.

All these actions result to the gradual maturing of visitors who get to know better your products and services, recognize your expertise in the field and thus become more receptive when you reach them with other promotional actions.

This part of the procedure I have just described is the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing strategy, the modern way of selling through digital channels that conquers the world and we first brought in Greece through the partnership of wedia with HubSpot, the “world champion” in the field.

If you like what you read and you are interested in reaching new markets and new opportunities abroad by using Inbound Marketing techniques, contact us and we will surely get in touch!

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