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Pride - blog post

On planet wedia, we say NO to discrimination!

In the middle of Pride Month, on June 15th, a landmark civil rights law protecting gay and transgender workers was ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States. Until that day, it was legal in more than half of the states to fire workers for being gay, bisexual or transgender.

As Pride Month is drawing to a close, we started thinking about the state of sexual discrimination in the workplace in Greece and felt that it was time for us to express our position on a thorny matter that affects the Greek LGBTQI+ community’s chances on fair employment and can even discourage its members from going after jobs for fear of being rejected on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

What we realized is that we haven’t spoken about this issue before because for us workplace discrimination of any kind is something that should have disappeared a long, long time ago. Far from disappearing, it’s still here… And this is why we believe that when you are given any kind of platform (like this blog), you need to talk about the things that you consider important.

After ten years of exploring the digital world, we are proud of the opportunities that the Internet has provided for people to share their stories, shape the public’s opinion and make others aware of the vast importance and need for tolerance. But, real change takes place in the physical world and this is where actions speak louder than words.

With that in mind, we want to formally state that on planet wedia, we make no discrimination. We are a family of like-minded individuals who appreciate and celebrate the values of inclusivity and personal expression. Another thing that unites us is the passion for what we do and the love of collaboration. And these are the qualities that we look for in any aspiring wedian. Simply put, if you love what you do and there is place for you on our planet, we want you for our team, period!

They say that in the digital world you can be whoever you want to be… Our vision is that the real world, and more specifically the workforce, will follow suit!

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