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What is a lead generation website and how does it work

What is a lead generation website and how does it work?

A lead generation website is the website that helps turn a user or visitor into a lead, that persuades that person to become a customer or a subscriber. Lead generation websites need to be specific and they must address the issues of certain Personas. The more specific about a Persona a website is the better the chances to achieve conversions.

So what are the characteristics that a lead generation website must have?

Content: As we have already mentioned, generic content about a product or a company does not suffice. In order to build a successful lead generation website, the content published must be of high-quality and Persona-specific.   

Goal: For great content to be created the goal of the website must be defined clearly. Determining the goal of the website will not only serve as an inspirational starting point in creating the necessary content but it will also guide the architecture of the website.

Website Architecture: Information architecture and the way users will navigate around the website is of primary importance. The structure of a lead generation website should be created after having studied thoroughly the potential users of the website. This will grant you better understanding of their needs and apply that knowledge on the website’s structure. It also means that you have grasped what your audience looks for (goal), what they want to read from you (relevant content) and you have successfully figured out the way to present that content to them (Information architecture). Too much fuss and noise to navigate around a website and you have lost them. The right amount of information carefully perched on the lead generation website and you have successfully turned the visitors into leads.

Social Proof: Be specific, be concise and transparent about what you do (services, products,company, values). Offer Persona-specific solutions and provide social proof for everything that you claim. (Testimonials, Case studies, customer logos) These are particularly helpful towards establishing social proof.

Educate the users: A lead generation website is built to capture the attention of a user and nurture them into becoming a customer. Nurturing a user and educating them often means that you need to have educational content on your website. Consequently, you have to work on creating a content strategy about your lead generation website, with blog posts, webinars, online workshops, tutorials or even podcasts. Your website visitors will appreciate the free knowledge and your effort and contribution into helping them make an informed decision. This way, trust is built and maintained. In the mind of your visitor you become an authority because you help them build their knowledge and they come to you for information while seeing your business as an authority in the industry.

Collecting the valuable information: When you have nurtured your website’s visitors to that degree so as to come to you for information or for making a purchase, you need to have an easy way to help them contact you. A fast and easy-to-fill in contact form or a chatbot might be the ideal way to go. The information provided by the user should be the subject of studying again, as this too will provide insight on what the users want from your brand and what they might want to read about on your website. This is an endless process of collecting information, studying it and redefining a website’s goals to suit the needs of the users. This is the best way to guarantee that your brand resonates with your audience and that your lead generation website is as specific and as effective as can be.

Maintain Consistency: And once the potential customer has shared their details with you, the best approach would be to maintain the same tone, language and style of communication across all channels, media and during all processes and interactions with the user. Consistency in the way your brand presents itself on all levels of communication enhances trust and builds the brand’s reputation.


Building a lead generation website is not only about carefully positioning content on the website so that you build a relationship of trust with your website’s visitors. It takes careful planning and strategising, excellent design and User Εxperience as well as a consistent communication strategy.

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