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What Are the Top 3 Reasons for a Website Redesign?

Do you have the impression that your website is not serving you anymore? That there's something wrong, that it cannot promote what you stand for as a company, that visitors do not find what they're looking for, or they simply don't understand what you do?

It is known that a website should be updated approximately every three years, since design, technology and marketing trends change pretty fast. It feels like yesterday when websites were built with Flash - no one is using it in our day and smartphones and search engines cannot even read and understand it.

According to online user surveys, a close 80% of visitors will not think twice before leaving a website if it doesn't look good, is hard to navigate or has an overall outdated appearance and user experience. 

But how will you know if your website needs redesign

We have broken it down to three main pillars that have to do with Design, Technology and Marketing - and each one has its way to let you know that it is underperforming.

You can't find information, navigation is broken, pages are inconsistent, or website is not mobile friendly.

This is a case of bad design. The overall user experience, photographs, page layout and page structure cannot provide visitors with stability and ease and a consistent user journey that is highlighted by fresh and beautiful design interface. The difference a good design brings to a website is huge, since it welcomes visitors to stay, look closer, interact, understand your brand and take action.

If the website is not responsive, smartphones, tablets and desktops are having trouble reading all data the way you would like them to, making visitors all the more possible to leave your site and never come back again.

Website is slow, its plugins and features are broken, search engines don't rank it, its CMS doesn't serve your needs.

It is easy to tell when a website's technology is outdated. Usually, there will be many broken wizards, plugins and features across the site and its pages, maybe lots of 404s (error pages), while its platform will be hard to manage, making content changes a nightmare. The overall user experience will be degraded, performance will be low and search engines will not be able to read the pages and rank the site with a poor or nonexistent Search Engine Optimization - SEO strategy. 

If the website is an e-shop, it is more likely for visitors to abandon any action, since a poor design, experience and the existence of technical issues create insecurity and a lack of trust, especially in matters of payment. 

Content doesn't correspond with brand values, marketing suffers, no leads are being generated.

Over the years, it is possible for companies to alter their positioning, their messaging and/or make a total rebranding. These messages should always be presented online, since an online search is the no1 action people take when looking for more information. 

Your website is the way the world sees you, your showroom. If it’s not branded, if it doesn’t speak the same language as the rest of your marketing actions, people will find it hard to identify with your voice, your mission, or buy any of your services. This will slowly make your marketing efforts meaningless, with no lead generation or no potential customer growth. 

After the above, it is fair to say that an updated website is one of the most important and powerful tools a company has, in order to introduce and present itself to the online world. A tool that will take business way further.

Is your website performing at its absolute best?

You can always check out a detailed description of our Web Design and Development services and contact us to discuss your Website Redesign plans.  

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