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website redesign

How does a website redesign project run?

A business’s needs and goals change. Sometimes they need to act fast to adapt to new conditions. Readjusting your business’s needs frequently means that your website must undergo redesigning too.

It might be for rebranding purposes, for optimisation or for better achieving your business goals. One thing is certain though, redesigning your brand’s website should be on your mind. So, let us walk you through how we approach website redesign at Wedia. So what are the characteristics that a lead generation website must have?

The process of a website redesign by Wedia

The first and most significant step in the process is for us to listen carefully and understand your brand’s goals and aspirations and identify what you wish to achieve. From that point onwards we work hard to figure out what the problem is with the current website and why it falls short in delivering results. Once this is grasped, we then locate the purpose of the new website. With that in mind, we start working on the changes and the improvements that need to be made. We begin by setting new goals and creating new Personas, adjusting and often redefining the user journeys. We then create and update the content to resonate with the new Personas and we optimise it on all levels, including changing the content’s structure.

All the changes, optimisations and alterations suggested and created are always performed with your business’s branding guidelines in mind. We adhere to the branding your business has and we suggest iterations based on it. All changes made in the design and in the performance have one common ground: to improve the parts of your website that do not serve your business’s goals any more. Among other things, the aim is to grant your website impeccable User-Experience, performance and aesthetics, so that it fully represents your brand in the best possible way.


For us at Wedia, giving a client our utmost attention is in the heart of our operations. A website redesign project is not an exception. This too, receives all our attention and our professionals are devoted to figuring out what needs to improve and to be optimised so that a brand’s goals are met to the fullest.

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