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Forget Marketing, target in Loyalty… with Content Marketing as your weapon!

Τarget in Loyalty with Content Marketing as your weapon!

So far Marketing techniques were looking for smart and creative ways to communicate and promote the company’s products in offline and online media. It seems that something has changed.

It’s quite certain that you read or watch Apple presentations, a company credited with some of the most amazing technology products, but what in reality its competitors’ envy - and you definitely would like to have - is the 87% of loyalty shown by customers worldwide.

You see, what is important in the digital world, are the powerful consumer tools that allow them to share their opinion about all the things that once the business or the supplier had the sole monopoly. It is no longer about the power and imagination of the advertising message, the amazing packaging and the excellent video and that is truly exciting.

Consumers these days, apart from looking for a remarkable product in a properly specified price, they are also searching for values to identify with, stories to share and respect for their opinion. Only under these circumstances they create a closer relationship with the companies and their brands, choose to speak with them, become consumers but simultaneously also vendors.

Content marketing provides the tools for completing this transition and gives companies the chance to share their own stories in a way that is different from what is happening within the selling environment, in channels and mediums that are constantly growing and enriched.

Creativity remains necessary, but not for the excitement of the commercial burst or for the few days that the campaign will be on air. Now creativity is always necessary. Our goal should be the creation of a community around the brand that is in touch, use our content and that learn from us as we learn from them. Together we relax, we have fun and we share experiences.

Don’t forget that all of the above shouldn’t be far from your main properties, your website and your eShop, because your main purpose should be to bring potential customers where the heart of the business is beating. There, the Inbound Marketing tools can “transform” your visitors to be your loyal clients and your brand ambassadors.

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