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User Experience: why is it important to a website redesign?

User Experience is not just another buzzword. On the contrary, it is a significant parameter that you need to take into consideration when redesigning your website. A variable that you cannot ignore.

What is User Experience?

User experience describes all the aspects of the interaction between a business, a website, a product or service and the user; but from the user’s point of view. This means that a good User Experience understands and fulfills the needs and expectations of the customer. It helps create websites with a more purposeful structure. Think of this the other way around. How do you feel when you try to find your way around a website that is not user-friendly, it takes time to load and when it does, it is so cluttered that you feel lost ? The chances are that you feel frustrated and you will soon give up on the website.

Why is User Experience important to a website redesign?

User experience is the bridge connecting the brand and the customer. When that bridge is destroyed everything goes downhill. However, when that bridge connects the customer with the right product on your website, then everything works like a clock.

User Experience:

  • Creates trust, grands the brand with credibility and builds customer satisfaction. If the design of the website makes navigating around the site easy, spotting the product and the service you need without fuss, without losing precious time, then automatically trust is built between the brand and the customer. That satisfied customer will most likely share their experience with a friend or even provide a riveting review supporting your business. Reputation too, is affected by the User Experience because let’s face it; if you are happy you will return to buy again but if you are not you will speak about your unhappiness and that too will spread.
  • Increases Conversions and Sales. Much like in the previous example, if the visitor of your website is not lost in a beautiful yet useless site, the chances are that they will move on to making a purchase. A well-mapped out and carefully structured website helps to move the visitor down the path to conversion and to sales more easily. It is a skilful way of turning visitors into customers and doing so in a few clicks with as little fuss as possible.
    Allows Accessibility to all devices and users. In the past years User experience has evolved greatly and has allowed websites, products and services to become more inclusive. It has allowed websites to become more accessible to all users (voice search) and to all devices (mobile friendly) bringing the online world to everyone.
  • Enhances SEO. When a website is accessible to everyone, the users stay on it long enough and interact with it for many minutes. This provides the website with one more advantage. It sees its Search Engine Optimisation ranking being pushed higher and appearing in the most precious spots during an online engine search. In terms of attracting traffic and new customers to your website, this is one of the best things that can happen to your business.


    Focusing on User Experience is obviously one of the greatest investments you should pursue for your website. As this will not only benefit your business in terms of sales, customer satisfaction and enhance your reputation but it will also create long-term advantages related to your website’s online and digital presence.
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